Doron Aharoni Law Firm – Real Estate Lawyer, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Doron Aharoni Law Firm is an experienced Real Estate law firm located in two branches – Tel Aviv and Kfar-Sava, Israel.

Real Estate – Main Field of Expertise

The firm provides Real Estate & civil-commercial legal services in Israel; it specializes in real estate contracts and transaction, property acquisition, lease agreements, combination transactions, financing arrangements, asset funding, and tax planning including: real estate taxes, municipal property taxes, and property tax.

Adv. Doron Aharoni has vast experience in projects relating to "Tama 38" – National Planning Scheme 38.

Adv. Doron Aharoni is actively involved in tax planning and structuring to meet the optimal opportunities for doing business in and out of Israel. Adv. Doron Aharoni specializes in the representation of private real estate owners, corporations, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers; on behalf of his clientele, he administers the documentation from the local authority, the land registry offices, the Israel Land Administration, and the taxation and planning authorities.

The legal guidance and support provided to the clients begins from the conducting of negotiations, through the drafting and endorsing of the agreement, to culminating the registration at the various land registry offices and the Israel Land Administration; additionally, it includes the performance of tax planning to ensure the ultimate finance savings strategy.

Inheritance Law

In addition to the leading role in the real estate legal corporation, Doron Aharoni Law Firm also provides legal counsel and advice on inheritance and estate wealth planning in Israel, including: estate management and sale, estate division among heirs, legal proceedings and court representation, probate and succession orders, interpretation of wills, mutual and joint.


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